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Product Description:

This the coaching video and program or app that contain speech clip of Tai Lopez like “Vlog” say about successful knowledge from the great people in the world.
His collection of thoughts, principles, and sayings has grown over the years.


Pros & Cons

Pro :

  1. Quick learning about how to success good life that without the painfully long time learning curve to find the way and accelerate my goals with just 67 steps.
    Just like click to download the idea from the greatest mind.
  2. Bonus 100 hours 150 keys of videos of Tai recorded for telling YOU about achieving the GOOD LIFE. All knowledge summary from book.
  3. Facetime or skype directly with Tai.
  4. Super bonus about Speed Reading Wizardry, Facebook social network group, Tai ‘s App
  5. 60 day of money back guarantee

Cons :

  1. Too long and too hard to sort through.
  2. No guarantee result or you may success or not after using the result.
  3. Common knowledge is a large percent of the program but you just forget it. Common isn’t always easy to do and remind you of essential truths that YOU just forget and just not do it. YOU may be spent 67 $ on more stupid shit, like clothes, DVD, videogames, other trader system & other useless self-improvement “program”.

Price :

Initial price 67$ (just one dollar per step)

***Guarantee (YES) 60 day for money back

Are the 67 steps really worth its money so I’m going to review on youtube and review on the internet then try to summarize answer this as honestly as possible

Let’ say this is self-improvement courses teach YOU a lot of new perception and demonstrate truly on your own current condition of your lifestyle and better understand your problem and how to due with it for improvement.
This is a real eye-opener program. Watch the VDO below and just by yourself, as you see, he’s a smooth talker. But he has the knowledge.

The navigator will tell you the map and the right direction. When you see clearly where you are, where is your goal, how easy to go the finish point

However – Just DO it, Learn and DO are simple but actually, hard to do.
Just try in, DON’T WORRY, You can cancel in the future and get money back immediately if it doesn’t work.

Take a look, proof it by yourself!

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