Stop the past Start the NOW.

Stop the past Start the NOW.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” Buddha


Because you can do at the present time. Not thing to do with past and future


The true is your mind can only do only one thing. You can’t feel your breath at nostril when you talk or think something or do some thing. Thus when you go back in the past or dreaming to the future, the way to go back to the NOW is your breath. Just simple feeling wind flow at your upper lip, inner nostril and nose posterior wall. The problem is how you hold your mind. (the little naughty monkey)

Stay with the now

Your mind like monkey never stay still always jumping from one thing to another within seconds and another again and again”none stop” This is the natural of your mind so you have to DO NOTHING at all, no struggle to claim your mind down.




You don’t like the nature way your mind is because you don’t well understand the three TRUTH of the world that is yours isn’t yours, certain is uncertain, happiness is sadness.



HOW To hold and catch monkey?

  • Do what is your passion, follow it
  • What is your passion : Thing that you can do all day and every day, do without hungry or sleepiness or boring, job that make you fun and enjoy. “TIME NO MEAN TO YOU”
  • Know what you feel and follow your passion : Do what you want, don’t thing about money or profitable that are just bonus or free gift.
  • Back door to the NOW, feel “nostril on wind” IN and out know it. Just know it as it be, sometime short, sometime long. Something pause for a second, sometime pause ten. First time you may anxious about it, lets it be and learn from it. The Master Nostril teaching you about everything is uncertain. It automatic do it as the way it be. When you feel wind at nostril, no thinking about past and future. It not easy as you think, just one second your mind go. Lets it be and look at it.

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