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Fan Page Facebook Status sparker
Fan Page Facebook Status sparker

There are trillion people around the world use Facebook that have fan page (some page paid) if they make a good content and build a strong relationship with people. Profitable pages with thousands of follower that will get them a conversion rate.

This is not easy work to make money. Many things need to be invested such as time, money for the content maker and picture to attract people.

You know, how nonsensical spent time on Facebook. If you don’t have a proposes or a goal like a business or making money, you will ridiculous on this tool.

Spark Inspiration Status Update

You must create fascinating Facebook, the more you attract an audience the more create a response. No matter what you offer if it can consider what you have to say.
Just make “interesting due”
The first thing understands the engagement aspect. Here are engagement aspects that will lead to activity such as controversy, negative posts, positive posts / being Nice, videos (w/ supporting discussion), images (beware for copyright), status Updates

You often engage the audience, it will lead to anticipation. If you have been on Facebook for any amount of time, you likely have 100’s of friends, but only a few of them really capture your interest (and they are likely the active and controversial ones). They are the fire starters.

I know personally that I visit only certain people’s accounts on Facebook on a regular basis. These are the people that meet the engagement aspects that lead to activity.

You will have people expect what you have to say and you will actually benefit from your Facebook activities. To be a sparker by creating a Facebook status that includes the six criterions
to produce response and follower. You will be amazed the power of it.

Engagement On Facebook

Nowadays, people have more news, more pictures, more videos, more status updates more things to share and. This situation dilute advertise of Facebook thus your fries not going to get all of news feed.

If you do not engage, the feeding that will be exposed only 10-12%.
That means 90% of your friends or fans don’t see your posts.

EdgeRank scores is equal “engage” score that will increase significantly if you regularly post and get response from people with discussions. A Social engagement is the reward from Facebook.

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