The Secrete About Social Engagement the Government is Hiding

  • What is the engagement?

    • a function of trust of the customer to information of website or page
    • great two-way communication that attracts the audience attention.
    • For simple say that engagement is the interaction between merchant blogger or seller
    • customer on social networks.
    • Engagement is the Result of
      • Positive emotion and reputation
      • Increase consideration and awareness
      • Loyalty and Referral
      • Conversion rate and sales

How many people that mean engagement?

“Audience engagement is amazing awesome, According to Set up Smartly”

Why it matter to your business?

  • Many followers become lead and revenue for business.

What is the most common goal posting social media?

  • People share it, How to get people share? Post the most share,
  • Most interesting (61%) Important(43%) funny thing(41%)
  • Give something free
    • humans feel inherently obligated to repay someone“Reciprocity”
  • Social proof to create leverage


    • measure the impact of campaigns
    • Facebook defines engagement as likes, comments, and shares.
    • Twitter defines engagement as @replies, retweets and mentions.
    • LinkedIndefines engagement as the number of interactions on a post plus the clicks and followers acquired divided by the number of impressions.
    • Goal of engagement
      • Like, share
      • Numbers of people that you can drive from that social media to your website
      • Create hashtag

What is the Powerful Tool to ENGAGE AUDIENCE?

  • Advertisement: the powerful tool that controls customer by saying something and show that work.
  • Halo effect is impression bias of an observer about the brand, a person, product, company or affect the observer’s thoughts about character or properties of things.
  • White background with black character
  • Captivate and relevant Image
  • Avoid too much text
  • Interesting Headline
  • Keep it clear and simple
    • sub-headline and Bullet structure
  • Optimize for conversion
    • “Bannersnack” app correct data where people clicked on the banner
    • VAS (visual attention software) Predict area on the banner that draws people’s attention during the first fifth second
  • Easy remember name and product name
  • App on phone
    • Line app
    • Communicate to the people all time
    • Sprout social
      • Social media message management software
    • Time database
      • Keep post on the most response time
    • FAQ session
      • Professional and company answer
        • make audience response and ask the further question
      • Boost Engagement
    • Ask people to read your article ask question and comment
      • Comment make your site great for google
      • Avoid SPAM comment with Akismet plug-in
          • Link to learn about how to install Akismet
    • Share your post/page on social media
    • Post it with some interesting questionable dialogue
    • Captivate picture or video
    • Don’t forget to use sharing button
    • Open for comment
    • Toggle in setting for comment in your article
Engagement is loyalty. Mean “Keep them need more”
  • How to apply psychology with social engagement?

    • “Peer pressure” example
      • Expert to link to one of your blog posts on their profile.
      • Celebrity using your product.
      • Customers share photos of your product.
    • Create Scarcity
      • “FOMO” (fear of mission out)
      • Research: 2 cookies Jar > 10 cookies Jar
    • Limit amount of time and limited edition

    • Click here to view video

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