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Q: How to write a GOOD TRAFFIC POST?
A:  Put the keyword in POST, Article that good quality, attractive TOPIC is the first thing that makes people read or not according to statistic 80% read the only topic thus be interesting and remarkable. Helpful content leads to higher in boost SEO rankings then Google rankings, more click, and better build a booming brand.
Let’s find target keywords with , looking for lower than a 300 QSR in (or the WA Keyword tool)…ideally lower than 100 QSR.


Q:  What is good content ?

Appeals to heart; Make audience feel good or enjoy or blissful after reading. Make a living turning your creativity from a personal hobby or a career to be an article or even VDO. Or you can make for business such as affiliate marking, or e-commerce.

Be Original that important to good ranking.
“Say if have a good thing, if nothing quiet is golden.”

Good content is shareable to Facebook, Youtube. The characteristic like entertainment funny VDO, or lifehack that helps you your family and friend. Even Shocking do that make people curious or amazing can’t believe it true. Valuable and helpful also most sharable.


Be Native or similar to the social media group or to the platform on which it appears, like size or widescreen or screen taking video or direct to the need of the social group. You must know what your audience want or need or benefit to known

Breaks through the Noise that mean be outstanding of a crowded space. A case study of diary Vlog of Casey Neistat and food cooking Vlog of Byron Talbott. Be unique talking like Chalene Johnson she’s talking about early on doing fitness. Slowly strategic and delicate think how to outstanding.

Beneficial to the reader can use information to solve the problem or better life. Answer the question like WIKIhow or make people curious at topic and answer in the article.

One picture or video make a more clear message that is understanding and get some feeling.

The more shorter but the more better clear hit to the point.

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