The Customer Buy Cycle

What is the customer buying cycle?

Q: Who is your customer and what they want?
A: The person who find something new or service
that improves their live or current situation

Q: Should We pay for customer promotion like FACEBOOK OR GOOGLE Adsense?
A : Avoid wasting money promotion and time consumer

Q: What is the characteristic of Customer?
A :  The person who need more contact
(don’t easy trust – don’t easy buy, rarely love at first site.)
Thus keep contact average,
         Seven times to buy (e.g. email newsletter, etc.).
Keep give them the product information and reviews

I will demonstrate to you best practices to look individuals up to their purchasing cycle so you can build your odds of somebody “purchasing” as opposed to walking them through all purposes of contact. This will rearrange the offering procedure radically!

Stages buying cycle

(1) Review Stage
People likely to review and explore before they buy, they may not have product awareness yet. Although some purchasing decisions are more spontaneous than others, people learn about a concept before they consider buying something, and this “learning” is done using many ways such as social media, website, Facebook, Twitter, a Google add, a magazine, television from a celebrity.

Take customer out:
A mailing list or get them following you via your social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google). The remainder process is not likely to make an instant sale at this point. If you engage people via your content and then get them to revisit your site at a later date as well.

(2) Think Stage
The Customer already has a spec of the product thus they research a number of products/services and decide the best suits them.

Reviewer and personalized opinions of others help to easily make a decision. A social media and webmaster can intercept a person, provide information and experience of and deliver a convincing review to encourage a decision.

People is reading blogs, doing research on Google, Youtube, Facebook, or Tweeter are typically looking for product reviews or further product insight via their favorite online channels

Take customer out:  
Pick up potential “customers” by review products , however, sometimes people are looking for negative reviews. Typical keywords involve about the review, scam, comparison, information, and versus (comparing one product to another). You can likely to sell at this stage if they feel trust.and happy with your review.

(3) Buy/Action Stage
Buy and make a profit to us is the final phase. Whether this is a click, a lead, or a sale, a visitor needs to become a customer to fulfill the lifecycle.

It is very difficult to convey someone to buy. In a reality, you would be able to target them with a search term, that would be “purchase or order or buy or the best price on the product name.

Take customer out:
The final target is to get some to this spot, whether you grab people in the thinking phase and assist them to buy or you are able to walk them through the process. If you are marking the keywords as claimed you simple work point and making much more money. This is the ultimate stage to handle “ready to buy” crown.

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