Money From Affiliate programe

Let’s calculate amount of money

Q: How many sell that I will make?
A: Up to how many click your affiliate link per click visit website that average   200: 1000

Q: How make the buy?
A: Let’s say    3% of 200 = 6 sell

Q: How much commission (or per percent of cost)%
A:  Amazon 6%
For example: Big motorbike 100,000$
You earn 6,000$   Easy!

Q: That is your goal
A: My goal is 100,000$ per month
thus I must make (? ) sell
6sell x 6,000 commision = 36,000$
iF 100,000$   >>>  18 sells per month
>>> 300 aff 3,000 in web

Q: Which program is the best choice?  Click for answer
A: There are many types such as independent like the affiliate program manages everything from the tracking then payment following stat.
Click here to see VDO “How to Find Relevant Affiliate Programs

Q: How to success more money with WA?
A: Find your niche that makes your good stat then make good money

Q: Where is my niche?
A: Search term “Your Passion + Affiliate program”

Q: How many program should I join?
A: At least two. My web affiliates is  WA and The Guided Meditation Site and ClickBank

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