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Click = Click that about the internet –
Learn Affiliate Marketing

Why the internet because you can work when every you want,
work where you like
work what you love
to write and read and learn
Time doesn’t matter, time fly when we happy but slow when we wait
feel great and better influence to the world
Mindfulness: thought only what you do, not past or future
that   make you upset

Work with your family or your love beautiful or handsome one.
Work anywhere you want, work at the beach, on the plane, on the boat.
Work anytime you like to wake up, throw away clock


= Wealth is much more money that you can use for yourself and family and share to society.
How Affiliate Marketing work promotes product or services online
Where web site learn affiliate marketing
When the product was sell, you get commission get your link (like your specific tag for only you) that will know the exact revenue number.
Where you can find affiliate program
such as Amazon, ClickBank, Clickjuntion, WA Wealthy Affiliate etc.
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WA allow you to “learn affiliate marketing”.


=  HAPPINESS is most important goal of life
What makes you happy?
A:  Healthy, strong without disease is the greatest goal in the world.
When you have time, Go exercise what you like.
When you have time, Sleep like a baby but on schedule.
Wealth, not wonders how you pay a bill or struggling to make money thus do what you love that even pay much.
What you love to make you productive than more beneficial to public
and more profitable (upon to how much people you can help)

The Problem is:

characteristic of each age
Life cycle the true story

The True story of People is no have all in one. This is mean you will not fulfill your need absolutely if you do not have all three factor such as time, money, health. For example when you want to travel you need time for free to travel and to leave in anywhere, money to buy food and hotel, health for walking and adventure.
Well, you knew most people use a lot of their time trying to make more money as much as they can thus time is lower and lower. Time to live with lover lower thus they compromise they relationship with wife and kids, time to exercise and sleep lower with more stress with work. They compromise on their health and well-being.

In the process, People will have more money but may have a poor relation, physical condition, and emotion. At the end of the process the rich old golden man have been saving money, they would have to spend all money in the hospital, BUY back the health, however, they can’t buy time that they lost. Thus DON’T chase money with time and health and relation, this is looser game.

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