How To Be Your Self

The most common phrase in the individualist coaching is
 “Be yourself”.
What does it really mean, to be yourself? It’s a unclear proverb.
Not easy as say.

try to be hero

1. Don’t care about social justice Free your mind fly your soul, allow your feeling, most true to yourself. In the social variety of value required. What the matter is that you happy passion working be still strong to the conflict and other values
• The conflict doesn’t mean anyone wrong. Actually, it all a part of a driving you.
You cannot get or do everything in the world. You are unique creature for the world and have own value in the way you are.

Over expected

2. Don’t try to be as hero. If you’re always frustrated to be someone you’ll never be a calm person. This way you will compare yourself to others that you are not. It like running on slick slash, finally you will be slip and fall down, you will see the world in the more negative view.
• It’s a harm motion that is no benefit, that you trying to be hero for everyone YOU try to apparently perfect world. Your own worth is not depend on a public mirage but on self-esteem

heart is in head
find your passion in your mind

3. Define and Find yourself on reality.
You should know, accept understand yourself first, establishing an identity It should be your primary goal to find this out.

•  What is your dream? What is your core value of you? The reason for existing to living. Why you doing your job instead of your passion work? How you known it?
Try to do various thing to make your heart feel of enjoins, mindfulness, proud of yourself.
•  Start from the end of your life, what do you want people to be talking or recall to you in your funeral that is the value for your life. What is you born to be is the same what is you die to be.
•  Do personality tests to define you, based on your own terms mean feel complete contentment. No time when you are doing the right activity and being with right person, you will be accept in the community.

3 Let it go and let you grow. Who yourself isn’t who in the past, everything just minimal chage in every second Let be you now and growing your mind your soul. Improving and be better.
• Forgive your past errors and some that you’re not so proud of. In that situation you had the purpose and the action made sense at the time. Accepting mistakes to learn the lesson and continue to grow your mind, be happier. “Stop the past and start the now”.
• Focus at the goal, not loss energy to all kinds of distractions, spending too much time on wrong person.
Be flexible, easygoing, and happy people. Keep growing into every new age and stage of our lives is an essential part of being true to ourselves and to being emotionally healthy and whole.

4. Known strong skill. Most people put more energy to correct and improve their flaw, You should adequately balance out your flaws and focus in improve and use your strength, the most important remember that don’t compare to others.
• Just focus on yourself, be mindfulness more gentle to yourself and be happier than when you try to compare yourself to other person that lead to displeasure that lead to loss focus on your strength.
• Criticism leads to the comparison result low self-esteem and frustrate to improve the other defect that isn’t essential of yours. Sadness will be overwhelm your emotion and lead to loss relationship or even friendship.

5.Be open and sincere. Human is not perfect, you just learn what you have and give it to other and take from your friend what you don’t have, this is the way of human life. Don’t be shy, nothing have to hide, please be comfortable as you are physically or psychical then let everyone known about your defection and help you.
• When you argue with someone, use your imperfections technique. The reason of the false is authentic self-honesty that disarms the entire point of the argument.

. Relax ! Be cool, looking forward to the best thing could happen, especially in social situations. Learning to laugh at wrong thing it could happens.
• Turn miss story into a funny story. Talk about your failure and let another known that you’re human that can makes a mistake, you feel more comfortable and funny about the mistake. This is attractive quality for someone to be able to laugh and learn from a mistake. That funny learning process!

• Be authentic love yourself is best way and be the true HERO.

6.Stop thinking about another thinking about you. Not important, you know yourself and your goal, Just let it got and concentrate and just flow in your passion work.
The most important thing is focusing on your talents and highly skill. Do everything you love to do and do the best. Don’t change yourself to be as another person.

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