Funny Reserch

Research is fun.
Research like travel in the sea.

Research seems boring for some people but fun for me. The question reading and answering will make you feel alive for joy learning new thing.

How to make the process full with feeling alive? What is the niche or your audience that make you enjoy?

What you can expect from me in the next few pages;

  1. What is the FUNNY research?
  2. What is the FUNNY research?
  3. How to write content in an alive way?
  4. What is the final product?
  5. How to building your email list?


What is the FUNNY research

Believe it or not? NICHE live in your inbox and social media group.
A lot of groups in facebook or many social media niches because in there is a mine of information.

Money is in NICE, Can you see it? Dollars? Products? Subscribers?

I thought the way to make easy online money is to make people happy from the solution the problem or take them from one point to the another point that is the goal.

The art of being reviewer is much information you could use from any website.
Anyone can be your niche and who are already in your niche and this guy is into online marketing, I couldn’t lose.

How to write content in an alive way?

Make your article be alive by being read and helping people to solve the problem and take people to the goal of better life. Look at the bigger picture, How many people you will help?

Get good ranking in google search by using the best keyword. The more people read, the more traffic you will get, the more money you will make from the internet. The call “SEO”

A keyword is a tool for success that you can find with google soup technique or use keyword tools like Jaaxy or keyword tool in the website.


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