Find Your Passion And Love Career


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They are boring their jobs and want to do the new thing, why can’t leave a job.   Because they don’t know what they really want to do.

You won’t learn or try and discover your ideal career or just sit and imagination doesn’t work. If the current situation isn’t working, you need to go outside and try something else.

Plan before leaving your boring work.  Firstly, a change makes you feel uncomfortable to do the new thing but the better thing you will get.

I personally have left only one job before left I go the next place to sign up.

Leaving and changing work is forced to search for my next step with urgency and to eventually found a passionate career.

For example:
I delay to leave the non-adept job, I think that one day I will do better. Just try and patient to do it after 2 years later show me that I have not progressed and have bad emotion, relation. “Accept what you are and fast quit if the job not for you”


  1. Curiosity = Interest = Passion

What is your question about is the interesting thing of you? Follow your curiosity and discover your obvious interests. The interests open up your unique power of motivations. The thing may be looking may you rich but can make the difference value to sell.

An easy question to find the interests is “What you would do if you are a billionaire?” “What you will do even no money, no profit?” Listen to your passion in your mind. So Money is not the first priority.

For example:
I’m curious about making money online, I searching on the internet and found WA. Wealthy Affiliate teaches all about how to build a website, what to write and how to make money from a blog, what is the affiliate marketing.


3. Hobby = Profitable Passion = Career

The thing that makes you happy when you do it.

If you want to make money from it, the next question is:
who will pay for this or this would solve whose question?

High skill or ability + Passion + serve Need = Money=  Career = RICH

Make what you love to benefit or solve other problem.

For example:
Some people love to draw then write the cartoon about anything then make money from making it to the comic book (in old fashion) or nowaday, post on the blog and earn money from advertisement.

Another case study, musician make a classic DVD to the useful classic for meditation, focus just shortens easily to listen to the song and present it in a better way.

Actively observe and open your eye to the new thing about what is your feeling of it then you will find the new passion, and community with the group of your hobby or passion or interest.

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