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How To Create Internal Link

Internal link from your own article, Pick a word that link to another article post that is related and relevant and interesting.
Centralization by link it to Wealthy affiliate review article post that you have made
In this picture, Select Click here, think to link to WA review
Make link simply by click link or Ctrl + K
Hover over, Link symbol, Click into it
Click Setting option GEAR symbol and go set link
You will see blank to paste URL or raw URL that go to it. For more option Click gear symbol, to more option setting
Serch word that you want and select the article by click to automatic get URL
You will see URL, Link text (that you can change to whatever you want) And easier by search for what you want
Automatic get URL and change Link text
Just Click it!
Automatically get URL, Just click
Automatically get URL, Just click
Do not forget to update to save change
Do not forget to click update button to save change


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Why SEO important to my website?

How to find the best keyword that makes your website go to top three ranking of google?

If you use the same keyword as a competitor, you will get low rankings and low traffic.

Thus use the little competitive keyword, you will get high even first google ranking and high traffic.
Finally, Get achieve online business success by more visibility and more visitor and more sell.

Please leave your comment and questions for being my motivation in helping people.

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Learn Affiliate Marketing – Why Click Rich Life

Click = Click that about the internet –
Learn Affiliate Marketing

Why the internet because you can work when every you want,
work where you like
work what you love
to write and read and learn
Time doesn’t matter, time fly when we happy but slow when we wait
feel great and better influence to the world
Mindfulness: thought only what you do, not past or future
that   make you upset

Work with your family or your love beautiful or handsome one.
Work anywhere you want, work at the beach, on the plane, on the boat.
Work anytime you like to wake up, throw away clock


= Wealth is much more money that you can use for yourself and family and share to society.
How Affiliate Marketing work promotes product or services online
Where web site learn affiliate marketing
When the product was sell, you get commission get your link (like your specific tag for only you) that will know the exact revenue number.
Where you can find affiliate program
such as Amazon, ClickBank, Clickjuntion, WA Wealthy Affiliate etc.
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WA allow you to “learn affiliate marketing”.


=  HAPPINESS is most important goal of life
What makes you happy?
A:  Healthy, strong without disease is the greatest goal in the world.
When you have time, Go exercise what you like.
When you have time, Sleep like a baby but on schedule.
Wealth, not wonders how you pay a bill or struggling to make money thus do what you love that even pay much.
What you love to make you productive than more beneficial to public
and more profitable (upon to how much people you can help)

The Problem is:

characteristic of each age
Life cycle the true story

The True story of People is no have all in one. This is mean you will not fulfill your need absolutely if you do not have all three factor such as time, money, health. For example when you want to travel you need time for free to travel and to leave in anywhere, money to buy food and hotel, health for walking and adventure.
Well, you knew most people use a lot of their time trying to make more money as much as they can thus time is lower and lower. Time to live with lover lower thus they compromise they relationship with wife and kids, time to exercise and sleep lower with more stress with work. They compromise on their health and well-being.

In the process, People will have more money but may have a poor relation, physical condition, and emotion. At the end of the process the rich old golden man have been saving money, they would have to spend all money in the hospital, BUY back the health, however, they can’t buy time that they lost. Thus DON’T chase money with time and health and relation, this is looser game.

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Open to the opportunity of learning affiliate marketing
for your new life!
Open to the solution of the general problem rat race!

How To Be Your Self

The most common phrase in the individualist coaching is
 “Be yourself”.
What does it really mean, to be yourself? It’s a unclear proverb.
Not easy as say.

try to be hero

1. Don’t care about social justice Free your mind fly your soul, allow your feeling, most true to yourself. In the social variety of value required. What the matter is that you happy passion working be still strong to the conflict and other values
• The conflict doesn’t mean anyone wrong. Actually, it all a part of a driving you.
You cannot get or do everything in the world. You are unique creature for the world and have own value in the way you are.

Over expected

2. Don’t try to be as hero. If you’re always frustrated to be someone you’ll never be a calm person. This way you will compare yourself to others that you are not. It like running on slick slash, finally you will be slip and fall down, you will see the world in the more negative view.
• It’s a harm motion that is no benefit, that you trying to be hero for everyone YOU try to apparently perfect world. Your own worth is not depend on a public mirage but on self-esteem

heart is in head
find your passion in your mind

3. Define and Find yourself on reality.
You should know, accept understand yourself first, establishing an identity It should be your primary goal to find this out.

•  What is your dream? What is your core value of you? The reason for existing to living. Why you doing your job instead of your passion work? How you known it?
Try to do various thing to make your heart feel of enjoins, mindfulness, proud of yourself.
•  Start from the end of your life, what do you want people to be talking or recall to you in your funeral that is the value for your life. What is you born to be is the same what is you die to be.
•  Do personality tests to define you, based on your own terms mean feel complete contentment. No time when you are doing the right activity and being with right person, you will be accept in the community.

3 Let it go and let you grow. Who yourself isn’t who in the past, everything just minimal chage in every second Let be you now and growing your mind your soul. Improving and be better.
• Forgive your past errors and some that you’re not so proud of. In that situation you had the purpose and the action made sense at the time. Accepting mistakes to learn the lesson and continue to grow your mind, be happier. “Stop the past and start the now”.
• Focus at the goal, not loss energy to all kinds of distractions, spending too much time on wrong person.
Be flexible, easygoing, and happy people. Keep growing into every new age and stage of our lives is an essential part of being true to ourselves and to being emotionally healthy and whole.

4. Known strong skill. Most people put more energy to correct and improve their flaw, You should adequately balance out your flaws and focus in improve and use your strength, the most important remember that don’t compare to others.
• Just focus on yourself, be mindfulness more gentle to yourself and be happier than when you try to compare yourself to other person that lead to displeasure that lead to loss focus on your strength.
• Criticism leads to the comparison result low self-esteem and frustrate to improve the other defect that isn’t essential of yours. Sadness will be overwhelm your emotion and lead to loss relationship or even friendship.

5.Be open and sincere. Human is not perfect, you just learn what you have and give it to other and take from your friend what you don’t have, this is the way of human life. Don’t be shy, nothing have to hide, please be comfortable as you are physically or psychical then let everyone known about your defection and help you.
• When you argue with someone, use your imperfections technique. The reason of the false is authentic self-honesty that disarms the entire point of the argument.

. Relax ! Be cool, looking forward to the best thing could happen, especially in social situations. Learning to laugh at wrong thing it could happens.
• Turn miss story into a funny story. Talk about your failure and let another known that you’re human that can makes a mistake, you feel more comfortable and funny about the mistake. This is attractive quality for someone to be able to laugh and learn from a mistake. That funny learning process!

• Be authentic love yourself is best way and be the true HERO.

6.Stop thinking about another thinking about you. Not important, you know yourself and your goal, Just let it got and concentrate and just flow in your passion work.
The most important thing is focusing on your talents and highly skill. Do everything you love to do and do the best. Don’t change yourself to be as another person.

Millionaire’s Brain Academy

Back Bigger & Better – Launches 7 March

Product Name: The Millionaire’s Brain Academy

Overall Ranking: NA

Author Name: Mr. Winter Valco


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Money and opportunities are everywhere. People want more and more, how much money that enough for you? If you have million or billion dollars what would you do? What do you do make more money? Do you have any idea or mindset?  What is the real wealth asset?

The Millionaire’s Brain Academy is the answer and mindset of Billionaire. The course is the secret method how to turn your mind into a money machine. Whatever who you are, whatever occupation? This is the program of this kind to exist a rat racing
The great success waiting for you by The Millionaire’s Brain making very effective and very simple method

The mild-set or Idea project the direction your life. How to react, processing information, Creativity, planning capacity or motivation of you, Talent or advantage in yourself. The motivative success stories about rich people.

Mindset helps you to take action on opportunities. First, YOU set your goal and go rich adventure trip. No more self-help seminar.You will be magnetically pulled toward wealth you’ve always wanted. The light bright your dark out that mean no the poor person brain anymore. Using this program, you will get more money and  wealth and whatever you want. In Millionaire’s Brain Academy, you will learn step-by -step to help open your mind to a way of thinking rich.




  • Plan YOUR financial future
  • Proof  how oneman make 22,879$ in one week using this “brain hack” technique.
  • Update millionaire mental mindset only 7 key thoughts, habits and attitudes
  • Direct help call and answer your question about millionaire success.
  • Millionaire Brain Academy extract of the essential of the mind from many millionaire that lead a better life.
  • All aspect of your life include health, life relationships and careers.
  • You will notice little progressive improvement. Good emotion and less anxiety
  • Dicover what is difference between you and Steve Job and Bill Gate
  • Found your mistake like 98% of population falling for the same trap


  • The program does not quick money scheme. A lot of power, practice, patience are required to make the success.
  • No book or sheet. Without internet connection, you can’t access.



Simple 3 steps for the transformation of RICH.

  • First, known who you are what is your problem. Open eyes to the opportunities right in front of you.
  • Secondly, known what the rich persons feel and  think about wealth.
    What is the different habits, If you think, feel and have rich habits, you would naturally make money easilly.
  • Finally, Known what to do to the new rich life. For things to be better, you must do something different. Change is the must. Enjoy new way, new thought. Go out of comfort zone, Are you ready to count a ton of cash?


Testimonial :

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only 47$


I am glad to recommend Millionaire Brain Academy. This is an great and awesome program, especially for those who want effective easy and reality methods.
This program will show you how to begin and get best results step-by-step.
Financial freedom and happiness of mind is an ultimate goal. This is an worthwhile and really fully provides customer service. This program includes a full refund within 60 days. Don’t worry to try and discover the secret millionaire mindset.


Find Your Passion And Love Career


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They are boring their jobs and want to do the new thing, why can’t leave a job.   Because they don’t know what they really want to do.

You won’t learn or try and discover your ideal career or just sit and imagination doesn’t work. If the current situation isn’t working, you need to go outside and try something else.

Plan before leaving your boring work.  Firstly, a change makes you feel uncomfortable to do the new thing but the better thing you will get.

I personally have left only one job before left I go the next place to sign up.

Leaving and changing work is forced to search for my next step with urgency and to eventually found a passionate career.

For example:
I delay to leave the non-adept job, I think that one day I will do better. Just try and patient to do it after 2 years later show me that I have not progressed and have bad emotion, relation. “Accept what you are and fast quit if the job not for you”


  1. Curiosity = Interest = Passion

What is your question about is the interesting thing of you? Follow your curiosity and discover your obvious interests. The interests open up your unique power of motivations. The thing may be looking may you rich but can make the difference value to sell.

An easy question to find the interests is “What you would do if you are a billionaire?” “What you will do even no money, no profit?” Listen to your passion in your mind. So Money is not the first priority.

For example:
I’m curious about making money online, I searching on the internet and found WA. Wealthy Affiliate teaches all about how to build a website, what to write and how to make money from a blog, what is the affiliate marketing.


3. Hobby = Profitable Passion = Career

The thing that makes you happy when you do it.

If you want to make money from it, the next question is:
who will pay for this or this would solve whose question?

High skill or ability + Passion + serve Need = Money=  Career = RICH

Make what you love to benefit or solve other problem.

For example:
Some people love to draw then write the cartoon about anything then make money from making it to the comic book (in old fashion) or nowaday, post on the blog and earn money from advertisement.

Another case study, musician make a classic DVD to the useful classic for meditation, focus just shortens easily to listen to the song and present it in a better way.

Actively observe and open your eye to the new thing about what is your feeling of it then you will find the new passion, and community with the group of your hobby or passion or interest.

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Stop the past Start the NOW.

Stop the past Start the NOW.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” Buddha


Because you can do at the present time. Not thing to do with past and future


The true is your mind can only do only one thing. You can’t feel your breath at nostril when you talk or think something or do some thing. Thus when you go back in the past or dreaming to the future, the way to go back to the NOW is your breath. Just simple feeling wind flow at your upper lip, inner nostril and nose posterior wall. The problem is how you hold your mind. (the little naughty monkey)

Stay with the now

Your mind like monkey never stay still always jumping from one thing to another within seconds and another again and again”none stop” This is the natural of your mind so you have to DO NOTHING at all, no struggle to claim your mind down.




You don’t like the nature way your mind is because you don’t well understand the three TRUTH of the world that is yours isn’t yours, certain is uncertain, happiness is sadness.



HOW To hold and catch monkey?

  • Do what is your passion, follow it
  • What is your passion : Thing that you can do all day and every day, do without hungry or sleepiness or boring, job that make you fun and enjoy. “TIME NO MEAN TO YOU”
  • Know what you feel and follow your passion : Do what you want, don’t thing about money or profitable that are just bonus or free gift.
  • Back door to the NOW, feel “nostril on wind” IN and out know it. Just know it as it be, sometime short, sometime long. Something pause for a second, sometime pause ten. First time you may anxious about it, lets it be and learn from it. The Master Nostril teaching you about everything is uncertain. It automatic do it as the way it be. When you feel wind at nostril, no thinking about past and future. It not easy as you think, just one second your mind go. Lets it be and look at it. – Insane Cold Traffic Conversion – Tai lopez Review

Overall Rank (rank each product against one another):  NA
(nonapplicable), Truely, First range in selling of business/investing mode of Clickbank site
Product Description:

This the coaching video and program or app that contain speech clip of Tai Lopez like “Vlog” say about successful knowledge from the great people in the world.
His collection of thoughts, principles, and sayings has grown over the years.


Pros & Cons

Pro :

  1. Quick learning about how to success good life that without the painfully long time learning curve to find the way and accelerate my goals with just 67 steps.
    Just like click to download the idea from the greatest mind.
  2. Bonus 100 hours 150 keys of videos of Tai recorded for telling YOU about achieving the GOOD LIFE. All knowledge summary from book.
  3. Facetime or skype directly with Tai.
  4. Super bonus about Speed Reading Wizardry, Facebook social network group, Tai ‘s App
  5. 60 day of money back guarantee

Cons :

  1. Too long and too hard to sort through.
  2. No guarantee result or you may success or not after using the result.
  3. Common knowledge is a large percent of the program but you just forget it. Common isn’t always easy to do and remind you of essential truths that YOU just forget and just not do it. YOU may be spent 67 $ on more stupid shit, like clothes, DVD, videogames, other trader system & other useless self-improvement “program”.

Price :

Initial price 67$ (just one dollar per step)

***Guarantee (YES) 60 day for money back

Are the 67 steps really worth its money so I’m going to review on youtube and review on the internet then try to summarize answer this as honestly as possible

Let’ say this is self-improvement courses teach YOU a lot of new perception and demonstrate truly on your own current condition of your lifestyle and better understand your problem and how to due with it for improvement.
This is a real eye-opener program. Watch the VDO below and just by yourself, as you see, he’s a smooth talker. But he has the knowledge.

The navigator will tell you the map and the right direction. When you see clearly where you are, where is your goal, how easy to go the finish point

However – Just DO it, Learn and DO are simple but actually, hard to do.
Just try in, DON’T WORRY, You can cancel in the future and get money back immediately if it doesn’t work.

Take a look, proof it by yourself!

Post/Page + Key word + Tool

Q: How to write a GOOD TRAFFIC POST?
A:  Put the keyword in POST, Article that good quality, attractive TOPIC is the first thing that makes people read or not according to statistic 80% read the only topic thus be interesting and remarkable. Helpful content leads to higher in boost SEO rankings then Google rankings, more click, and better build a booming brand.
Let’s find target keywords with , looking for lower than a 300 QSR in (or the WA Keyword tool)…ideally lower than 100 QSR.


Q:  What is good content ?

Appeals to heart; Make audience feel good or enjoy or blissful after reading. Make a living turning your creativity from a personal hobby or a career to be an article or even VDO. Or you can make for business such as affiliate marking, or e-commerce.

Be Original that important to good ranking.
“Say if have a good thing, if nothing quiet is golden.”

Good content is shareable to Facebook, Youtube. The characteristic like entertainment funny VDO, or lifehack that helps you your family and friend. Even Shocking do that make people curious or amazing can’t believe it true. Valuable and helpful also most sharable.


Be Native or similar to the social media group or to the platform on which it appears, like size or widescreen or screen taking video or direct to the need of the social group. You must know what your audience want or need or benefit to known

Breaks through the Noise that mean be outstanding of a crowded space. A case study of diary Vlog of Casey Neistat and food cooking Vlog of Byron Talbott. Be unique talking like Chalene Johnson she’s talking about early on doing fitness. Slowly strategic and delicate think how to outstanding.

Beneficial to the reader can use information to solve the problem or better life. Answer the question like WIKIhow or make people curious at topic and answer in the article.

One picture or video make a more clear message that is understanding and get some feeling.

The more shorter but the more better clear hit to the point.

Money From Affiliate programe

Let’s calculate amount of money

Q: How many sell that I will make?
A: Up to how many click your affiliate link per click visit website that average   200: 1000

Q: How make the buy?
A: Let’s say    3% of 200 = 6 sell

Q: How much commission (or per percent of cost)%
A:  Amazon 6%
For example: Big motorbike 100,000$
You earn 6,000$   Easy!

Q: That is your goal
A: My goal is 100,000$ per month
thus I must make (? ) sell
6sell x 6,000 commision = 36,000$
iF 100,000$   >>>  18 sells per month
>>> 300 aff 3,000 in web

Q: Which program is the best choice?  Click for answer
A: There are many types such as independent like the affiliate program manages everything from the tracking then payment following stat.
Click here to see VDO “How to Find Relevant Affiliate Programs

Q: How to success more money with WA?
A: Find your niche that makes your good stat then make good money

Q: Where is my niche?
A: Search term “Your Passion + Affiliate program”

Q: How many program should I join?
A: At least two. My web affiliates is  WA and The Guided Meditation Site and ClickBank