Barnacle SEO

  • What is Barnacle how it relate to SEO


      The barnacle sucking the food and water flow through itself.

    • Barnacle SEO drive traffic to site that lead to conversion
    • This process of Ranking your website to the first page of google
      By attract your site to authority site.
    • Buy google ads to the first rank
    • Link your website to promote Local business or big brand stuff or store
    • Increase awareness and famous     >>  to increase influence
    • Increase reliability and authenticity >> to Increase sell
    • Webmaster or blogger make commission from affiliate selling
  • Local marketing and Local directories

    • Promote Interesting product of near home store
    • Post, blog, social media sharing or even call neighbor come
      to see and use it, or buy it from the store

      • Example: erect a doggy drinking station,
        ice tea cooler, special chair
      • Activity that makes people interesting and gives
        free stuff or reward or gift voucher

        • Question
        • Photo contest
        • Festival Event or Boost
        • Sharing the Facebook or other social media
      • Simple step to make barnacle SEO

        1. Calendar planning: find the local event in that month and do promotion via social media and blog post.
        2. Research in local, national and global about
          • What is the high-value keyword
          • Important Event, interest inspiration, Gadget, Sport
          • What can sell to the person who interesting in those above
          • What is the website selling that product, link it?
          • A product that’s best seller in the town. You can find to sell.
        3. Identify Opportunity to participate and promotion
          • Example: Clinic or medical health care
            • Labor day: post about disease related to work
              • Eye strain from computer
              • Office syndrome
              • Carpal tunnel syndrome
              • Back pain or foot pain in heavy worker
              • Paid opportunity to talk about how to solve and avoid that problem and sell product
            • Set up the Event or Festival for people to come
              • Provide food, seat, and entertainment
              • Sorting for sponsor of this
              • Boot of product like foot ware and back support
                or skin lotion
        4. Become the local business expert
          • Live and learn the local people
          • Improve the high skill of communication in the comment
          • Improve ranking in this local keyword searching
          • Learn local and social media marketing
          • Have fun and enthusiasm will be the part of the product
  • Attach your site to Big brand site

    • Find backlink to your site

      • Type search google
        link: (yourURL).com – site(yourURL).com
      • If you want to rank
        Type link: –
    • Find the social influence

      • record data in excel spreadsheet.
      • How many share In G+, Facebook
      • What is the comment say about this product
    • Record in Excel

      • URL with KW, inbound link, title, description, PR, Authority




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