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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Search Queries

Search Queries Can Improve your site and finding the best answers.

Understand Search engine pipeline

Crawling (Google-bot) > Indexing > Search Engine Ranking Result

> Site content > Subscriber or Conversion

Webmaster tools also displays impression data that searcher may not click through

SEO reports in google analytics

Focus to gain traffic

Optimal index with reduce duplicated content

See the data in some time interval with comparison

Search queries


Query = user’s search term

Impression = your site show on the search result

CTR ( Clickthrough rate) = click from impression

Qualified = realistic chance of the user being satisfied   with your site

  • Top search and top pages:
    • Shows pages most visited by searchers for the time period
    • Adjust this page to friend easy read, well written
    • Sort of impression; these valuable pages that high qualified
    • You will find the high qualified But low ranking or low feature
      • The high quality but low ranking page bring the qualified visitor for your site
  • Understand more about your business and your audience
    • What are the goals of your website and your business?
    • What groups are you targeting?
    • Where is searcher located?
    • What devices are they using?
    • How device change audience behavior?
    • What are their objectives?
    • Can/do their objectives align with your company’s
    • What is the searcher trying to do
    • If the searcher selects my page in search results, Will my content match their expectation
    • Is my site provides a great experience, match their expectation and make them become a repeat visitor?
  • Filters to see your audience
    • There’s also a Filter button and the ability to filter button
  • Investigating “Top queries”
    • Are these the queries I would expect?
    • Does it seem like these clicks would be qualified traffic?
      • High CTR for compelling or relevant or qualified query
    • Can the display of my page in search result be better optimized for this query?
  • Categorizing Queries
    • Branded terms (navigational queries)
      • People who specific search will go to your site
    • Product categories (informational queries)
    • Conversion-focused (transactional queries)
    • Seasonal, promotional
    • Reviews, UGC
  • Investigative categorized queries
    • What is the searcher trying to find or solve the problem?
    • How device change audience improves the quality of life or behavior?
    • Where is the searcher located that you can do something specific to them?
    • If the searcher selects my page in search results, Will my content match their expectation
    • Is my site provides a great experience, match their expectation and make them become a repeat visitor?



Barnacle SEO

  • What is Barnacle how it relate to SEO


      The barnacle sucking the food and water flow through itself.

    • Barnacle SEO drive traffic to site that lead to conversion
    • This process of Ranking your website to the first page of google
      By attract your site to authority site.
    • Buy google ads to the first rank
    • Link your website to promote Local business or big brand stuff or store
    • Increase awareness and famous     >>  to increase influence
    • Increase reliability and authenticity >> to Increase sell
    • Webmaster or blogger make commission from affiliate selling
  • Local marketing and Local directories

    • Promote Interesting product of near home store
    • Post, blog, social media sharing or even call neighbor come
      to see and use it, or buy it from the store

      • Example: erect a doggy drinking station,
        ice tea cooler, special chair
      • Activity that makes people interesting and gives
        free stuff or reward or gift voucher

        • Question
        • Photo contest
        • Festival Event or Boost
        • Sharing the Facebook or other social media
      • Simple step to make barnacle SEO

        1. Calendar planning: find the local event in that month and do promotion via social media and blog post.
        2. Research in local, national and global about
          • What is the high-value keyword
          • Important Event, interest inspiration, Gadget, Sport
          • What can sell to the person who interesting in those above
          • What is the website selling that product, link it?
          • A product that’s best seller in the town. You can find to sell.
        3. Identify Opportunity to participate and promotion
          • Example: Clinic or medical health care
            • Labor day: post about disease related to work
              • Eye strain from computer
              • Office syndrome
              • Carpal tunnel syndrome
              • Back pain or foot pain in heavy worker
              • Paid opportunity to talk about how to solve and avoid that problem and sell product
            • Set up the Event or Festival for people to come
              • Provide food, seat, and entertainment
              • Sorting for sponsor of this
              • Boot of product like foot ware and back support
                or skin lotion
        4. Become the local business expert
          • Live and learn the local people
          • Improve the high skill of communication in the comment
          • Improve ranking in this local keyword searching
          • Learn local and social media marketing
          • Have fun and enthusiasm will be the part of the product
  • Attach your site to Big brand site

    • Find backlink to your site

      • Type search google
        link: (yourURL).com – site(yourURL).com
      • If you want to rank
        Type link: –
    • Find the social influence

      • record data in excel spreadsheet.
      • How many share In G+, Facebook
      • What is the comment say about this product
    • Record in Excel

      • URL with KW, inbound link, title, description, PR, Authority




The Secrete About Social Engagement the Government is Hiding

  • What is the engagement?

    • a function of trust of the customer to information of website or page
    • great two-way communication that attracts the audience attention.
    • For simple say that engagement is the interaction between merchant blogger or seller
    • customer on social networks.
    • Engagement is the Result of
      • Positive emotion and reputation
      • Increase consideration and awareness
      • Loyalty and Referral
      • Conversion rate and sales

How many people that mean engagement?

“Audience engagement is amazing awesome, According to Set up Smartly”

Why it matter to your business?

  • Many followers become lead and revenue for business.

What is the most common goal posting social media?

  • People share it, How to get people share? Post the most share,
  • Most interesting (61%) Important(43%) funny thing(41%)
  • Give something free
    • humans feel inherently obligated to repay someone“Reciprocity”
  • Social proof to create leverage


    • measure the impact of campaigns
    • Facebook defines engagement as likes, comments, and shares.
    • Twitter defines engagement as @replies, retweets and mentions.
    • LinkedIndefines engagement as the number of interactions on a post plus the clicks and followers acquired divided by the number of impressions.
    • Goal of engagement
      • Like, share
      • Numbers of people that you can drive from that social media to your website
      • Create hashtag

What is the Powerful Tool to ENGAGE AUDIENCE?

  • Advertisement: the powerful tool that controls customer by saying something and show that work.
  • Halo effect is impression bias of an observer about the brand, a person, product, company or affect the observer’s thoughts about character or properties of things.
  • White background with black character
  • Captivate and relevant Image
  • Avoid too much text
  • Interesting Headline
  • Keep it clear and simple
    • sub-headline and Bullet structure
  • Optimize for conversion
    • “Bannersnack” app correct data where people clicked on the banner
    • VAS (visual attention software) Predict area on the banner that draws people’s attention during the first fifth second
  • Easy remember name and product name
  • App on phone
    • Line app
    • Communicate to the people all time
    • Sprout social
      • Social media message management software
    • Time database
      • Keep post on the most response time
    • FAQ session
      • Professional and company answer
        • make audience response and ask the further question
      • Boost Engagement
    • Ask people to read your article ask question and comment
      • Comment make your site great for google
      • Avoid SPAM comment with Akismet plug-in
          • Link to learn about how to install Akismet
    • Share your post/page on social media
    • Post it with some interesting questionable dialogue
    • Captivate picture or video
    • Don’t forget to use sharing button
    • Open for comment
    • Toggle in setting for comment in your article
Engagement is loyalty. Mean “Keep them need more”
  • How to apply psychology with social engagement?

    • “Peer pressure” example
      • Expert to link to one of your blog posts on their profile.
      • Celebrity using your product.
      • Customers share photos of your product.
    • Create Scarcity
      • “FOMO” (fear of mission out)
      • Research: 2 cookies Jar > 10 cookies Jar
    • Limit amount of time and limited edition

    • Click here to view video

    • social engagement-wordpress-comment


branding Land on people heart
branding Land on people heart

Human is community animal thus we enjoin party and group together.We like to chat and commendations. We love famous and engagement on our activities.

This nature of human should be a core within the project. The engagement means encourage people to join in the discussion of your activities online. Not only “+1, Like, Pin, Tweet” but also speaking.

Attracting, Interesting and Invitation to Read

The main ranking factors are engagement on the post. The high Google ranking that means more lead click and read your content.

You can unlock the power of social media, the key is getting the social response. Where ever the content is posted. Many places your content can be a post on the website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pin interest.

The other goal is selling something by the focus on the keyword. The higher ranking will get more traffic to the website. “The more visitor, the more selling rate.”

Helpful Content

Well, that is because when we create variety content, we are doing for helping people sure not computers. Someone buy or sign-up to your mailing lists.  Someone comment on your post. Everyone will boost your rankings by responding on your content.

Search engines keep helpful content in the top rank so this more engaging post. You can go to the top if you mainly focus on the quality of every page or post. People will remember your personal character. This is call “personal branding”.


What is a brand and why it important? The brand is “the land” in people heart. That’s process of imaging or impression in the mind of others about a person. Individual positioning can benefit by using tool or strategy to develop your own career.

In the age of “the internet of things”, social media is the powerful tool for personal branding. Many employers are using LinkedIn or Facebook and a personal blog to check personal background. If you can personal branding, you can advance your own career in a long period.

For example famous brand such as Apple, Samsung, Toyota, Tesla, Amazon etc. These are well-known companies with brands. The results are trust, buy from this company. As the same as people brands are a result of trust, buy or doing a business with that people.

The website branding uses helpful content so many niches you can help with great content.
The type of content could be information, product reviews, news. For example website about finding “keep the relationship” or website helping “six pack from home”, your site is your brand.

Take time to grow the organic brand. “Be cool”. Carefully think every step to engage with people by capturing the response of all social players. Response from individual upgrade you level of content. More rank in google more visitor and more money you will get.

“People known brand then trust the brand. Finally, people buy brand”

Blogging in WA Make Money

The true is Google see WA site as a potential site and high ranking found in search engine.  Your post would be on a top page.
And blogging has significant sustain profits. Here in WA

For me, This situation usually happens within MINUTES!
What is the importance of having someone subscribe ?
Learn more How to make money with WA blog

By adding affiliate link after someone read your post and decides to be a member of WA. You get paid according to affiliate credit as the content creator.

If you are usually continuous create content like training, posts, and question. This is the start point making money online from home.

Let’s Create a Blog Post Within WA
Just click “the pen” at the tops menu to write a question or post a blog. You should continuous create a blog post in WA. The belief and trust yourself help you to create a blog and break a question.

If you regular write content, people will know you.
The discussion make people learn with you. You push positive power to the community with your success story.

Over time, you are building ranked GORGEOUS blog.
You attach a pair of great wing on the back!

What to share content:
  1. Question you curious
  2. New thing you have learned
  3. Update on your website
  4. Progression about something proud or success financial
  5. Plan to do in next 1 3 or 6 months

Using internet to make learning environment.
No time and no reason to wait so go ahead and build a post or a question, feel free and comfortable to sharing and writing whatever you want.

Don’t be serious. Just say what about feeling about news or event or things around the world.Even your progression about something that you have made or proud or success financial.

Maybe update your website that makes and post a link for people in WA go to see and read. Your successes and your accomplishments or even what you have learned will inspire and motivate other people.

WA community is creating great gorgeous content to the world that would be efficacy website view by Google and increase ranking to make more visitor and more conversion.

WA is the big family and everyone is happy to do passion content writing, discussing what we favor and ask an interesting question.

Twitter Social Engagement

social media try to do a new thing when they present new thing to stimulate more activity.
On the other hand, Social usually do the same thing and try to make culture as we can see in social medias, such as  Tweet called
“Twitter feature”.

You can use Twitter as a tool to its utmost utility you need to know basic and bone anatomy of it.

The best benefit of Twitter is to engagement and get a response from social networks in every day, If you not routine post, social may not a reaction to you. Or even you regularly response to discussions, you add to be your friend, re-tweeting, and hashtag you subsequently you will engagement responsibility from social and success in utilize social media like twitter.

How to Socially Engage on Twitter
Here are Twitter tips that are ultimate engagement.

  • Be handsome or beautiful, genuine and optimistic
  • Be eager and agile
  • Use #tags within your tweets.
  • Use keywords for more exposure
  • Target relevant, trending topics
  • Tweet each and every post or article
  • Join in on discussion effectively and everyday
Note: It is very important to use the social network to get traffic to your website. As above the 7 items that will take you to the success point from Twitter.

Spark Status EdgeRank-Engage-Facebook

Facebook Fan-Page Business Tool

Fan Page Facebook Status sparker
Fan Page Facebook Status sparker

There are trillion people around the world use Facebook that have fan page (some page paid) if they make a good content and build a strong relationship with people. Profitable pages with thousands of follower that will get them a conversion rate.

This is not easy work to make money. Many things need to be invested such as time, money for the content maker and picture to attract people.

You know, how nonsensical spent time on Facebook. If you don’t have a proposes or a goal like a business or making money, you will ridiculous on this tool.

Spark Inspiration Status Update

You must create fascinating Facebook, the more you attract an audience the more create a response. No matter what you offer if it can consider what you have to say.
Just make “interesting due”
The first thing understands the engagement aspect. Here are engagement aspects that will lead to activity such as controversy, negative posts, positive posts / being Nice, videos (w/ supporting discussion), images (beware for copyright), status Updates

You often engage the audience, it will lead to anticipation. If you have been on Facebook for any amount of time, you likely have 100’s of friends, but only a few of them really capture your interest (and they are likely the active and controversial ones). They are the fire starters.

I know personally that I visit only certain people’s accounts on Facebook on a regular basis. These are the people that meet the engagement aspects that lead to activity.

You will have people expect what you have to say and you will actually benefit from your Facebook activities. To be a sparker by creating a Facebook status that includes the six criterions
to produce response and follower. You will be amazed the power of it.

Engagement On Facebook

Nowadays, people have more news, more pictures, more videos, more status updates more things to share and. This situation dilute advertise of Facebook thus your fries not going to get all of news feed.

If you do not engage, the feeding that will be exposed only 10-12%.
That means 90% of your friends or fans don’t see your posts.

EdgeRank scores is equal “engage” score that will increase significantly if you regularly post and get response from people with discussions. A Social engagement is the reward from Facebook.

Funny Reserch

Research is fun.
Research like travel in the sea.

Research seems boring for some people but fun for me. The question reading and answering will make you feel alive for joy learning new thing.

How to make the process full with feeling alive? What is the niche or your audience that make you enjoy?

What you can expect from me in the next few pages;

  1. What is the FUNNY research?
  2. What is the FUNNY research?
  3. How to write content in an alive way?
  4. What is the final product?
  5. How to building your email list?


What is the FUNNY research

Believe it or not? NICHE live in your inbox and social media group.
A lot of groups in facebook or many social media niches because in there is a mine of information.

Money is in NICE, Can you see it? Dollars? Products? Subscribers?

I thought the way to make easy online money is to make people happy from the solution the problem or take them from one point to the another point that is the goal.

The art of being reviewer is much information you could use from any website.
Anyone can be your niche and who are already in your niche and this guy is into online marketing, I couldn’t lose.

How to write content in an alive way?

Make your article be alive by being read and helping people to solve the problem and take people to the goal of better life. Look at the bigger picture, How many people you will help?

Get good ranking in google search by using the best keyword. The more people read, the more traffic you will get, the more money you will make from the internet. The call “SEO”

A keyword is a tool for success that you can find with google soup technique or use keyword tools like Jaaxy or keyword tool in the website.


Create Shopping Page By aStore

Click to view Part 1
aStore amazon setting
Customize your astore shopping
Setting part: select what you prefer




Create shopping page
Go to Dashboard your website, For create a new page

Select Embed and copy text from amazon website to paste in shopping page

Select Embed and copy text from amazon website to paste in shopping page
After you get code from aStore
Paste the text from amazon in text of you
shopping page aStore
Test time, Click at shopping page
Shopping cart page aStore Amazon
aStore Amazon

Finish, Good job

Internal Link SEO

Send Traffic to Wealthy Affiliate review page by Internal Link SEO

You are affiliate website but you shouldn’t only send out your audience direct to affiliate website that mean you send traffic out of your site.

You are affiliate website but you shouldn’t only send out your audience direct to affiliate website that mean you send traffic out of your site.
Centralization internal link
Centralization internal link



You will get the bad ranking if every page on your website sends people out off your site. You have to send people to your website and doing some activity on your website then in one outdoor that only can be send-out to selling product. That is “CENTRALIZATION” for example, you send your traffic from another page in your website centralize to WA review page that has affiliate link.

How to centralization your website?

The internal link will improve your ranking and centralize your offer page will proper effective make more money. That’s call “conversion” can monitor by test and increase more conversion by boosters. This method will increase your google rankings.
So your task is going to be to centralize and direct people to your Wealthy Affiliate review any time you mention Wealthy Affiliate on your website or your top recommended product. Centralizing your main offer pages will carry a lot of benefits!
Are you ready to get rich? Everything or every product may have the affiliate program so find and making money from it by write review post. Even negative review people are easy absolutely on buying that thing. Like money in the air, just pick by adding affiliate links for any products that you review.


How to make internal link?

I Hope you understand and do Internal link,

Let’s see internal link strategies video