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Hello, everyone!

Thank you for your attention in my detail

I am “Dr.Golf” working for six years in the primary health care.
My current career is my passion job hower I interest in passive income for “freedom lifestyle”.
A warm family with two daughters. Time is required.
Working as a doctor have to dedicate your time and yourself.
I have been working at the hospital helping a lot of people.
Hard work makes me tired. One night shift, I think about the freedom lifestyle.  Everyone have this problem.

The Internet is the best tool for learning how to make money online.
I spent all of my a little free time for learning how to use this Internet thing to earn money online.


This is my dream for leaving and provide relaxation and treatment for people around the world. I have name “R&T resort” (relax-treatment) resort.

You are not along, Let’s join our community. “WA” we are family.

“There is the power one thing I had, a DREAM.”  

I needed to know how they were doing it. I mean, if someone can do why I don’t try. No wait for long, I begin to build my first website.

At that point, I got the opportunity to learn more about making money from the internet. This is my next 6 months on the web.

Walking milestone: Step by step

Start premium member to WA (wealthy affiliate)
Looking for my passion job and niche
I build website step by step. Following WA course.
make the link that brings people to WA website

Get first referral
and hit the first    10 $ on the first day
MONTH 3-5:
and hit the first 300 $ in the first month

And hit the first 10K $ in the sixth month.
That was a pretty cool feeling.
I was making supplementary money with the main job.

I was nearing the full-time mark that making consistent revenue.
I felt great for doing the full-time job with the online money.

Dream forward 10 years …

I would have experienced a lot within the online world and wound help 10,000’s of folks succeed online through Wealthy Affiliate, my social entrepreneur hangout.

If you would like to join me within Wealthy Affiliate, you can register here to create your free Starter membership.  This is where I network with others and offer my help each and every day to people like yourself.

My simple plan is …

(1) Spending time with my big family including my parent in Phuket

(2) Helping people (every day!) by innervation and treatment

(3) Playing sports, spectrally table tennis.

CAN - PAN/TÊNIS DE MESA - ESPORTES - Os brasileiros Hugo Calderano e Gustavo Tsuboi, do Tênis de Mesa Masculino, durante disputa final da competição por equipe com o Paraguai, válida pelos Jogos Pan-Americanos 2015, realizada no Centro de Markham, em Toronto, no Canadá, nesta terça-feira. 21/07/2015 - Foto: MÁRCIO FERNANDES/ESTADÃO CONTEÚDOabout-me-ping-2about-me-ping





(4) Swimming, surfing in the sea and walking-talking along the beach with my wife.


(5) Building a monthly million business
Let’s make your dream come true with me and WA.


Yeah! Rocking my simple plan. I work from home each and every day and the entire goal of my first site building here is to help you do the same (and to avoid a lot of scams).

Again, I am Dr.Golf.  Thank you for reading my dream and hope you should write it down make it happen. If you feel free to contact me or ever need anything,  drop me a comment below.

14 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Amgolf, I think this is the one I’m seeking for in the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s not on the design, not on the content-I mean not so much on what you wrote but it’s on the testimony that pictures how a life had been changed and continue to change by being with the Wealthy Affiliate.

    The power of invitation is the first hand experienced by the inviting person. The more I am challenged because clearly you have been able to start receiving in the second month the fruit of your labors in the past.

    It’s simple but challenging and inspiring. I can say you have the authority to speak and your site brings it forward.

    Please do visit my website also and offer suggestions so I can work on it be able to follow you having the income in the future.

  2. Hi

    Congratulations on making a success out of your online business.

    Although it is an awesome opportunity to make passive income, the industry is always a tough one to crack.

    It’s always good to see people making good money.

    Wishing you all of the very best in the future.


  3. Doctor Golf you have a great website passive income is also an interest that I have as well. Wealthy Affiliate is a great learning platform. Congrats on your success and I wish you much more success moving forward in the future! You are really helping people by informing them about Wealthy Affiliate!!! Great Job!

  4. Hello Nattawut. Nice to meet you here in WA. I see you’ve been hard at it. Looks like you’re well on your way. Seems to me that you’ve selected the right theme for your niche. Very nice layout and informative. Your ambition will surely make you another WA success story.

    All the best to you,

    Randy B

    1. Yeah! I agree with you that we can do whatever we desire and the big thinking is determine the big result.
      Ever small or big dream use equal energy thus take big dream.

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