branding Land on people heart
branding Land on people heart

Human is community animal thus we enjoin party and group together.We like to chat and commendations. We love famous and engagement on our activities.

This nature of human should be a core within the project. The engagement means encourage people to join in the discussion of your activities online. Not only “+1, Like, Pin, Tweet” but also speaking.

Attracting, Interesting and Invitation to Read

The main ranking factors are engagement on the post. The high Google ranking that means more lead click and read your content.

You can unlock the power of social media, the key is getting the social response. Where ever the content is posted. Many places your content can be a post on the website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pin interest.

The other goal is selling something by the focus on the keyword. The higher ranking will get more traffic to the website. “The more visitor, the more selling rate.”

Helpful Content

Well, that is because when we create variety content, we are doing for helping people sure not computers. Someone buy or sign-up to your mailing lists.  Someone comment on your post. Everyone will boost your rankings by responding on your content.

Search engines keep helpful content in the top rank so this more engaging post. You can go to the top if you mainly focus on the quality of every page or post. People will remember your personal character. This is call “personal branding”.


What is a brand and why it important? The brand is “the land” in people heart. That’s process of imaging or impression in the mind of others about a person. Individual positioning can benefit by using tool or strategy to develop your own career.

In the age of “the internet of things”, social media is the powerful tool for personal branding. Many employers are using LinkedIn or Facebook and a personal blog to check personal background. If you can personal branding, you can advance your own career in a long period.

For example famous brand such as Apple, Samsung, Toyota, Tesla, Amazon etc. These are well-known companies with brands. The results are trust, buy from this company. As the same as people brands are a result of trust, buy or doing a business with that people.

The website branding uses helpful content so many niches you can help with great content.
The type of content could be information, product reviews, news. For example website about finding “keep the relationship” or website helping “six pack from home”, your site is your brand.

Take time to grow the organic brand. “Be cool”. Carefully think every step to engage with people by capturing the response of all social players. Response from individual upgrade you level of content. More rank in google more visitor and more money you will get.

“People known brand then trust the brand. Finally, people buy brand”

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