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The Problem is:

characteristic of each age
Life cycle the true story

The True story of People is no have all in one. This is mean you will not fulfill your need absolutely if you do not have all three factor such as time, money, health. For example when you want to travel you need time for free to travel and to leave in anywhere, money to buy food and hotel, health for walking and adventure.

Well, you knew most people use a lot of their time trying to make more money as much as they can thus time is lower and lower. Time to live with lover lower thus they compromise they relationship with wife and kids, time to exercise and sleep lower with more stress with work. They compromise on their health and well-being.

In the process, People will have more money but may have a poor relation, physical condition, and emotion. At the end of the process the rich old golden man have been saving money, they would have to spend all money in the hospital, BUY back the health, however, they can’t buy time that they lost. Thus DON’T chase money with time and health and relation, this is looser game.

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